COVID-19 is a reality but you can reduce the risk to be contaminated !



The world actually relies on the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to sound the alarm for COVID-19. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) is recognized by the scientific community to be the most effective weapon to overcome COVID-19. Here we go !

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A data analyst is a translator

A data analyst is a translator

The main objective of the data analyst is to translate the raw data into insights which must help make decisions and most of the time solve company's problems

IoT and Big data : What a great marriage

IoT and Big data : What a great marriage

All you need to know about this marriage for this 2020.

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Tracking  Covid-19 cases in the worldwide

Tracking Covid-19 is our contribution. We share with you the latest statistics  related to COVID-19 which has been progressively the main challenge for the world since the beginning of the year. We use data that have been compiled by the Hopkins University Center for Systems Sciences and Engineering (JHU CCSE) and are available at , by Worldometer  available at and the last one is

Statistics will be updated every day, sometimes twice and even third times a day but you will sometimes notice a slight difference between my own statistics due to the multiple sources but at the end it will be the same thing. The reason is, data are not updated at the same time from one source to another.

Many people say if I were a Doctor, if I were a Nurse … But everyone in this moment can bring something and this is the first step of our contribution. As many other Mathematicians,  we are working right now on a Natural Language Processing  algorithm to figure out this devastated pandemic and  later on the  results will be available here.




Tracking Covid-19: Disinfect your electronic devices will reduce the risk to be contaminated

Many people choose to not bring it up  but this a very important topic to dive in.  We recognize how tricky it may appear. But since you keep your phone all day long, sometimes in public places, sometimes you put it back and forth in your pocket, sometimes it drops, sometimes you give it to friends to make a quick call; there is no better way to explain you how easily you can be reached by the virus through your phone . These are devices  high-touch surfaces you carry with every day and everywhere  and it’s recommended to clean and disinfect them at least once a day to avoid to be reached by the virus or to not spread it in case you have already contaminated. Remember , they are magnets for germs. At this time you are reading this, you might say, how will I perform that. The answer is: disinfecting wipes, isopropyl alcohol, and a soft towel  are the favorite tools to clean and disinfect all your electronic devices. These electronic devices can be easily get dirty, but the good news is they can be cleaned easily as well if you know how to perform that.

How to Disinfect Your Phone or Tablet

easy ways are rarely the way to go. For example, most people use Clorox wipes to clean their phone. Of course you can use it to clean the side and back of your phone ( Android or iPhone)  but keep it far away from the glass (front or/and back) of your phone, as they will eat away at the oleo-phobic coating that your phone uses to help fight fingerprint smudges.

It doesn’t matter if you have Android or iPhone  please with a disinfecting wipe or alcohol solution (at least 70 percent) clean up your device once a day. Remember, you will need to be very careful with the screen, the buttons, and anywhere dust and pocket lint tend to get trapped. Don’t forget the case, if it is not made of leather you must give it a good rinse with warm water. clean everywhere, outside, inside, the sides. Doing so,  not only you are not going to brake your devices but also, as this is the purpose on this paper, it is one of the effective means you can avoid to be reached or to transmit the virus to others.

How to Disinfect Your Computer

It is not recommended to use a disinfecting wipe to clean up the computer’s screen. Instead, use an isopropyl alcohol (70 percent) solution and a soft towel. Make sure you wipe down the keyboard, the touchpad, the external ports, the mouse, the speakers, the power supply, every connector you use frequently, the exterior, and where your wrists rest on the computer.

Today’s computers are already in sore need for a cleaning. The best way to perform that is by the use of a disinfecting wipe or isopropyl alcohol solution and a soft towel. Remember, don’t use disinfecting wipes on the monitor, just in case—stick to isopropyl alcohol there.

I don’t want to forget all the accessories, like gaming mice,  gamepads,  remotes control.  If the exterior is primarily plastic  it’s to keep you away from the virus we recommend you to give them a once-over with a disinfecting wipe or isopropyl alcohol solution.


Tracking Covid-19: The three groups of people covid-19 only knows

Unlike many other people, I want to tell you Covid-19 is a reality.
It’s not about nationality, it’s not about how much money you own, it’s not about age, sex, color, profession…the virus ignore those things.
COVID-19 only knows three groups of people:
1. The “Recovered” : those people can’t be reached anymore.
2. The “Infected” : many of them have already died and the rest are living with the virus now and need help.
3. “The susceptible”: it refers to me , you , my family , your family, my friends , your friends, my neighbors, your neighbors. All those people the virus now are trying to reach.
In the name of Jesus, I say no , it can’t. But folks, please don’t be insane , you must fully comply with the instructions:
Wear your face-mask, wear your gloves, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, perform hygiene frequently.
Last but not least, please stay home, please stay home, please stay home.