What data science includes?

Data science is the field of exploring, manipulating, analyzing and using data to answer questions and make decisions. In many definitions, you can see people, on purpose,  bring up tools like software, programming languages and so even some backgrounds to launch in the field of data science. It is not true, you don’t need to be good at mathematics, programming languages, computer science and so on to ace in data science. You only need three  things to excel:
  1. Be curious
  2. Be argumentative
  3. Be judgmental

What does ETL mean?

ETL  stands for Extract, Transform and Load. this is a type of data integration that refers to those three steps used to blend data from multiple sources. It’s often used to build a data warehouse. During this process, data is extracted from various sources, transformed into a format that can be analyzed, and finally loaded into a data warehouse or other system. Extract, load, transform (ELT) is an alternate but related approach designed to push processing down to the database for improved performance.

What are data insights?

In a nutshell, data is the representation of the raw information, the unstructured information, analytics is the process of  translating that raw information, and insights is what you gain after understanding and translating  what it all means for your company.

How do you make insights?

Here are the six (6) steps:

  1. Business Understanding
  2. Data understanding
  3. Data preparation
  4. Modeling
  5. Evaluation
  6. Deployment